The School Curriculum

Through a diverse and exciting curriculum, Harmondsworth Primary School pupils develop skills in all areas of the National Curriculum as well as a love of learning. We have developed a curriculum which is broad, balanced, exciting and enjoyable to ensure that the children enjoy a practical, fun, challenging learning experience that will prepare them for life in 21st Century Britain.

The School has Policies and Schemes of work for all areas of the curriculum, according to the requirements of the National Curriculum.  These are periodically reviewed and revised accordingly. 

Careful planning and monitoring of pupils' work ensures continuity and progression
throughout the school.  Each pupil has access to all areas of the National Curriculum and is encouraged to work to his/her maximum potential.  On-going teacher assessment with the identification of future learning targets, together with the statutory national Standard Assessment Tests at the end of years two and six, and optional tests in Years 3, 4 and 5, to promote  achievements and standards within the school.

The core subjects are:-
The Foundation subjects are:-
The school delivers the curriculum through topic based units of work.

The school follows the Letters and Sounds scheme to deliver phonics throughout the school.
Religious Education
The school follows the London Borough of Hillingdon SACRE.

Our broad aims in the teaching of Religious Education are:-

Each half term we will send home curriculum overviews and a newsletter .

Curriculum Information
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